Mind Tricks Blog

Aloha and welcome to Mind Tricks Blog! I hope to share with you a random assortment of interesting and engaging material that falls within the inner and outer limits of psychology. These Blog entries will include:

  • Thought provoking research I’ve encountered in the field of psychology and how it may apply to understanding ourselves and the world around us.
  • Q & A sessions I’ve conducted with psychologists and professionals in the field with really interesting things to say.
  • Reactions to recent MIND TRICKS podcast episodes I’ve recorded.
  • Random musings on psychological topics – really just whatever I find to be interesting and at least tangentially related to the psychological realm.

I hope this Blog provides interesting, informative, and entertaining material for your educational enrichment, and an occasional laugh.

Jumping to Conclusions

Today's post is about a common cognitive distortion that causes us much more grief than any of us need -- Jumping to conclusions. The reason why Jumping to Conclusions can be such a problem is it can cause you to make rash or wrong decisions based on a lack of...

Black and White Thinking

Today I’m talking briefly about a very common cognitive distortion that can make life for you, and the people around you hard to deal with. This is Black and White thinking, also known as Absolute thinking, All or Nothing Thinking, or dichotomous thinking. When you...

Catastrophic Thinking

Today I’m writing about a very common cognitive distortion that we all use from time to time – Catastrophic Thinking. It is a form of erroneous thinking that can cause great stress and anxiety to people. When you engage in catastrophic thinking, you’re basically...

Adult Friendships — An Interview with Dr. Adam Dorsay

I enjoyed a thought-provoking conversation about Adult Friendships with Dr. Adam Dorsay, a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Jose, California where he specializes in working with Silicon Valley's high achieving, high-functioning adults. Dr. Dorsay has...

Unwarranted guilt — An Interview with Dr. Tyler Ralston

I’m excited to announce the first episode of Mind Tricks Radio with Dr. Tyler Ralston, a Clinical Psychologist in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Ralston spoke with me about the cognitive model of guilt, especially as it relates to trauma.  Dr. Ralston is co-author of Treating...