Insurance / Payment

I accept insurance from most commercial carriers in Hawaii

I accept insurance from most commerical carriers in Hawaii, including HMSA, HMAA, Tricare, UHA, MDX, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. I will take other insurance plans, including Medicare, Medquest (e.g., United Health Care, Alohacare, Ohana), and mainland insurances as space in my schedule permits.

Most insurance carriers cover around 20 psychotherapy sessions per year, though the exact number may vary between carriers, and may depend on your particular diagnosis. Other services, such as psychological testing and evaluation, are also generally included if prior authorization is obtained.

Many insurance carriers require a copayment for your visits — often between $8 – $25 depending on your plan. In some cases, especially with Medquest plans, there is no copayment. For uninsured patients, my current rate for standard psychotherapy session is $250. I offer a sliding scale fee depending on financial need and availability in my practice.

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